If one completes the journey to one’s own heart, one will find oneself in the heart of everyone else. Thomas Keating

In a world filled with noise conflict and confusion it is necessary that there be places of inner peace, discipline and stillness for in such places love can blossom.  Thomas Merton

To support you along the way...

Taking good care of ourselves replenishes our inner resources and creates a home we can return to and rest in at any moment, no matter what’s happening around us. Self-care enables us to live with ease and stamina and to be more present with others in our life. Here are some resources to help you support your own self-care.

Useful websites

Books on meditation

  • Goldstein, Joseph. Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom.Shambala Publications, 1993. A practical and inspiring guide to mindfulness meditation.
  • Goldstein, Joseph. Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening. Sounds True, 2013.
  • Gunaratana, Bhante Henepola. Mindfulness in Plain English. Wisdom Publications, 2002. A clear and straightforward guide for newcomers to meditation 
  • Hanson, Rick. Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom. New Harbinger Publications, 2009. 
  • Kornfield, Jack. A Path With A Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life. Bantam, 1994.
  • Salzberg, Sharon. Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness.Shambala Publications, 1995.

Books on wellness

  • Benson, Herbert, MD and Stuart, Eileen, RN. Wellness Book: Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining Health and Treating Stress-Related Illness. Fireside Press, 1992 Provides practical and doable ways to deal with the many forms and aspects of stress. 
  • Hanson, Rick. Hardwiring Happiness: The new brain science of contentment, calm, and confidence.Harmony Books. 2013.
  • Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness. Delta Books, 1990. A very easy, educational read that maps out an 8-week stress-reduction program.

Books on yoga

  • Austin, Miriam. Yoga for Wimps. Sterling Publishing Co., 2000. Aside from the title, this is a great book that provides simple, doable yoga sequences for everyone.
  • Devi, Nischala Joy, Ornish, Dean, MD, and Areheart, S. The Healing Path of Yoga: Time-Honored Wisdom and Scientifically Proven Methods That Alleviate Stress, Open Your Heart, and Enrich Your Life. Three Rivers Press, 2000.
  • Kraftsow, Gary. Yoga for Wellness: Healing with the Timeless Teachings of Viniyoga. Penguin Putnam Press, 1999.
  • McCall,Timothy, MD, Yoga As Medicine-The Yogic Prescription For Health and Healing. Bantam Dell, 2007.

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