Stress Reduction Skills for healthy and vibrant living

We coach and support you as you learn simple, healthy ways to live  a more vibrant and integrated life. The practices of mediation and yoga will assist you. With mindful awareness, you will access and deepen your own inner wisdom and make skillful choices in your life, health, and enhance well being.

Classes and Services

  • There are no scheduled classes at present. Contact us about future offerings.
  • For On-Site Personalized Classes or Individual Instruction please Contact us.
  • Meditation in Everyday LifeContact us to offer onsite workshop/classes.
  • Stress Reduction and Compassionate Behavior Change Coaching: Personalized Support for individual and small groups. please Contact us.
  • Heart of Relaxation offers you ways to effectively boost resilience and thrive as you meet the challenges of:
  • Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions
  • Lifestyle issues of weight and exercise
  • Physical symptoms of stress: headaches, insomnia, and fatigue
  • Excessive worry, anxiety, and other mood issues

You will live with more ease and confidence from your HOME of resilience and well-being:

  • Discover ways to manage and reframe stress as it arises
  • Practice gentle yoga, relaxation, and meditation techniques
  • Reduce the effects of chronic stress on your mind and body
  • Understand the relationship between your thoughts and stress
  • Increase your self-confidence, resilience, and sense of well-being

One-to-one Compassionate Coaching

Many people benefit from personal guidance to help reduce stress and change problematic behaviors. We help you identify your unique needs for vibrant, healthy living, develop a personalized change plan, and teach you practices that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Onsite custom classes and workshops

We offer on-site classes and workshops in mindfulness-based stress management practices for behavior change. Whether it’s a lunchtime information session at your workplace, a customized session for colleagues or patients at a clinic, or a personalized group session for family and friends at your home, we collaborate with you to create a program that meets your particular needs. Possibilities include:

  • Essential Tools for Stress Reduction. A series of three one-hour sessions introducing basic yoga-based practices for developing mindfulness of the body and breath.
  • Making Stress Reduction A Part Of Your Everyday Life. A series of six one-hour sessions incorporating simple yoga postures, breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and cognitive-behavioral techniques for working with your thoughts.
  • Fresh Start. Together we create and carry through on a motivating program for you or small group!