If one completes the journey to one’s own heart, one will find oneself in the heart of everyone else. Thomas Keating

In a world filled with noise conflict and confusion it is necessary that there be places of inner peace, discipline and stillness for in such places love can blossom.  Thomas Merton

In our clients’ words...

Chris is a dedicated, longtime certified advanced Integral Yoga teacher and stress management consultant who embodies the values of conscious living. She brings a unique richness to her teaching and counseling that empowers clients to connect with their wholeness and heal through the timeless practices of yoga and meditation. While her qualifications are stellar, it is her compassion and attention to each person that makes her service excel.

Nischala Joy Devi, author, The Healing Path of Yoga and The Secret Power of Yoga, and Creator and Director, Yoga of the Heart Certification Training

Whether you want to reduce your stress or transform your life, Chris is a kind and skillful guide. She devotes her wisdom, sincerity, and experience to helping clients move through life's challenges with understanding and compassion, creating a safe, vibrant space for exploration and healing.

Rodney Smith, Guiding Teacher of Seattle Insight Meditation Society author of Stepping Out of Self-Deception and Lessons from the Dying

Stress is a component in many health conditions and Chris helps motivate people to address the underlying causes of stress. As a cardiologist I refer many patients to her and continually see improvement in my patients' response to stress and their overall health. They not only learn effective methods for healthy living but more importantly they make it part of their life. I'm confident in her skill, knowledge and compassionate guidance.

Sarah M. Speck, MD,MPH,FACC, Medical Director, Cardiac and Vascular Wellness Services at Swedish Medical Center, Medical Director and CEO of Potentrx

Chris is a teacher who stands out in my life. I believe learning stress reduction and yoga from Chris, and her message of having compassion and kindness towards myself, have helped me maintain my weight and health. 

Phil, Site Development Specialist for king county and avid cyclist

Ten years ago several relatives and friends were dying, I was the sole caretaker for my parents and very involved in helping others as well. I felt overwhelmed and struggled with tremendous grief. After the first class with Evan I knew I was in the right place. The yoga practices, breathing and guided meditation soothe my body and mind, I leave each class peaceful and refreshed. Evan and Chris's helpful guidance through the years and valuable handouts become a kind of therapy. I have a marvelous sense of always coming back to the place where I find nourishment and peace. Several of us in class have been together for for a long time and we have a sense of a supportive community. There is humor and lightness in the way Chris and Evan teach They care deeply for their students and clients. I can't imagine anyone not benefiting from learning these valuable skills from them.

Rachael, active gardener, nature lover and student.

Following a four-way bypass operation in 1998, I was open to ideas that would improve my health and future. A nurse at Cardiac Rehab at Swedish Medical Center in Ballard told me of a program that may benefit me. When I heard it was it was yoga and stress reduction, I wondered how could it help? Here I am 12 years later attending class because it helps me remember to put into practice skills that help me in stressful times. After a busy day, it is easy to feel that I am too tired to go to class. After being in class with friends and other students and practicing heart-healthy yoga I always feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of daily life. Successful cardiac rehab requires changes in lifestyle. Exercise and diet is not enough. Stress reduction is the third leg of the stool that  provides the support I need to to live an active full life. Evan and Chris can help you on the path to better health!

Chuck, newly and happily retired business owner, enjoying family, community life and lots of travel

For over 3 years I've worked with Chris to help deal with insomnia. I've learned many practical tools that help me sleep better and be more present and relaxed in my everyday life. I have 2 wonderful active boys and I'm able to practice skills of relaxation, yoga , breathing and meditation that help me in the midst of carpool and other daily activities. Chris is a nurturing, positive teacher and mentor who emphasizes self-compassion and self-care. I've learned to quiet my analytical mind with awareness meditation practices. I'm able to create space in my busy life and listen more to my body and intuitive self. I highly recommend working with Chris individually or in a class.

Jill, wife, mother and basketball coach

Yoga class is the highlight of the week, both physically and spiritually, for myself and friends at our retirement community.

Jen, creative elder, author and photo-editor

The relaxation and stress reduction I've learned help me wherever I go: the dentist, doctor's office, even awaiting an operation!

Carol, avid gardener who lives with vitality and scleroderma

A friend told me how much she has learned from Chris in handling stress and recommended I contact her. I’d done guided imagery, yoga, and Tai Chi. Working with Chris has far and away been more effective in learning to relax and manage several health issues. She instills a caring atmosphere. What she taught me is now a positive and integral part of my ongoing self-care. I recommend Heart of Relaxation services because I experience the benefits every day!

KS artist